Candy Popcorn Recipe

Hey Moms!

I’ve decided to create a special category dedicated to the one and only, bakerman.  I will be uploading ideas here to try and make it easy for those moms who are not sure on what to make. If you do have any ideas please send them to me so i can add them 🙂

Below is a pic of the rainbow candy popcorn which i made for my nephews baker-man. I placed them into little packets and sealed them to keep fresh.  Added a picture on just to give make it extra special (His mom loves customizing things, so she did this).  The packaging was bought from Plasti-Pak in Woodstock (Very affordable).

Overall i would say the recipe was pretty easy and the kids loved the different color popcorn. If you wanted you could add some extra flavor by using flavor drops.  I thought that this would be a great idea cause no one really makes candy popcorn anymore. You could also just keep it simple and make plain popcorn with what ever flavoring you like (Bought at Pick n Pay).

See recipe link below picture.

Recipe Link:

Ps: This is also an amazing idea for kiddies parties as a gift. See below pic:

Comment below with some of your bakerman ideas.

Love, Berry Babies 🙂

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