Vox – 4You Cot Bed Review

When I found out that I was expecting I remember spending hours online looking for a cot. I wanted something that was affordable, good quality and that we could use for a few years. I eventually came across Clever Little Monkey’s website and saw the Vox range of furniture. The cots were stunning! I immediately fell in love with the entire Vox Cot range and initially couldn’t decide which one I wanted.

I called Clever Little Monkey and their offices was in Gordans Bay. This was a bit too far for me so I called around some more. We eventually found the 4You Cot on display at Kidz Living. Needless to say that when I saw it I wanted it! This was the perfect cot. It had everything I wanted and more. It was stylish and I could see that quality materials were used in making it. The selling point for me was the fact that it changes into a desk and toddler bed. This is exactly what I wanted. Something that grew with baby.

Converts Into A Toddler Bed And Desk

I always believe that I would rather spend more money on something that would last longer. The fact that we can use it as a desk and toddler bed means that we won’t have a cot lying around ever if baby should outgrow it and we could always use it again when having another baby (Yes, I’m jumping the gun here)

We purchased the cot via Clever Little Monkey and I remember it coming from overseas and arriving the same month that baby was going to be born. Luckily it arrived like 2 weeks before.

I also remember receiving amazing service from Christine Kapp. At one stage I was panicking so much and I remember her trying to offer me something similar. I however opted to wait it out and couldn’t have been any happier with my decision!

Assembly: The cot arrived in two flat boxes. It had a set of instructions on the inside with each of the parts numbered according to the steps. This obviously made it so much easier to put the cot together. It even had a time duration stating that it would take us 1 hour and 50 minutes to assemble. We did however take 20 mins longer due to us misplacing some of the parts (This is what happens when a pregnant lady gives instructions, LOL!)

Overall the assembly for the 4You Vox cot was fairy easy and straight forward. If you follow the instructions as they have it you wont go wrong. My husband managed to put it together all by himself. He only needed help carrying the boxes into the room.

Cot Unpacked
Each Step Packaged Individually

Cot Dimensions

  • Height: 99.5cm
  • Length: 144cm
  • Width: 75cm

The Cot

As previously mentioned the cot converts into a bed and desk. It also has three adjustable heights to fit your child’s needs.  The front 3 bars of the cot are also detachable allowing baby to climb in and out of the cot. The mattress does not come with the cot but can be purchased at Clever Little Monkey as well. In fact the bedding etc can all be purchased via Clever Little Monkey.

Cot Assembled

Would I recommend this cot? Yes! This is a great buy for any new mom. Its modern, stylish and grows with your baby! This was definitely a cost-effective buy. Think about it, you saving on a desk and bed!

To View the Cot Online Visit: https://cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/product/4you-cot-bed-white-oak/

Love. Berry Babies

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