First Day Back at Work

I remember looking at the calendar wishing for the days to slow down so that I could spend as much time with Azrah as possible. Thinking why does maternity leave have to end, why do I have to leave my baby and go back to work, why couldn’t I stay at home longer. As a mom it can be extremely tough! One thing that I was however grateful for was the fact that my mom and my husband’s mom would be looking after her. I can’t imagine how much worse I would have felt had I sent her to a creche.

First day at Ouma

When Azrah was born I always used to let people hold her. I made sure that she was comfortable with other people holding her so that the process of leaving her would be easier for myself and her. I was told to ease into leaving her behind slowly. So two weeks before going back to work I left her at my mom’s for half the day to get her into some sort of routine.

The first day was the worse! I remember hubby taking her to my mom and all I did was cry that morning even though it was only going to be for half the day! Every program that came on TV that used to play in the background while she was with me was a reminder of her. I remember the tears rolling each time. I needed to get out. I tried to kill time by going to the mall and walking around. Sending messages almost every 5 minutes making sure she’s ok.

Getting in some cuddles

When I got to my mom Azrah was fine. She was smiling and was happy. This was when I knew that I would be fine. She was with someone who loves her as much as I do. From there everything just got easier. We were on and off by my mom and hubby’s mom to get her used to it. She adapted well and was always smiling and laughing.

The first day back at work went well. Both moms would send me pictures and messages reassuring me that she was fine. Every picture I had received had her gorgeous smile which brightened my day.  Everything I had stressed about was all for nothing.

If I had to give advice to the new moms out there, it would be to enjoy each minute with you little one. Cuddle, hold, kiss and smother you baby with love. Maternity leave is a precious bonding time with you and baby. Also get out and visit your parents and in-laws. They offer you the best help and support for that little break that you might need.

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