Silicone Fresh Food and Teether – Haakaa

Purchased a silicone fresh food feeder and teether from Hey Kiwi and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

I’ve been using it to introduce Azrah to solids and she loves it. I love that she is able to experience the different textures and flavours knowing that she wont choke while doing so.I initially had the mesh one but felt that the silicone one would be more hygienic and safer for her to use.

The silicone feeder has little holes allowing her to taste what she is being fed.These holes prevent any large pieces and  from coming out that she wouldn’t be able to digest.

At the moment the retail price is R350.00.

I bought it on sale for R290.00.

Am I happy with my purchase?

Yes! I love that I wont ever have to replace any of the parts. It also serves as a teether so that’s another saving on it’s own. Also Azrah loves it. I put a strawberry in for her over the weekend and she enjoyed biting it.

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