Haakaa Silicone Pump

If there was one thing that I would have to recommend to all new moms it would be to get yourself the Haakaa Silicone Pump. As a new mom this was definitely one of my best buys.

At first I was very skeptical, I wasn’t sure if the pump would work. I decided to just go for it and get me one. Lucky for me I got it before Azrah was born as she was kept NICU. While she was in NICU, I was told that I would have to express and bring milk in for her. Obviously I wasn’t sure what I was going to do and remembered that I had bought the Haakaa Pump.
I took it out and used it for the first time. The instructions were fairly simple and it was easy to use. All you had to do was squeeze it and suction it around the areola making sure the nipple was centered. Yes, it was as easy as that!
I followed the instructions and read up that while baby’s drinking the milk would flow more and to my surprise it did. I would go in to feed Azrah and was able to collect milk at the same time.
It made it so much easier for me as I was able to build up a stash and still be able to supply baby with milk for when I wasn’t there.
What influenced my purchase? 
I essentially bought the Haakaa because it was literally 1 item that needed to be cleaned. Most pumps have a large amount of parts that requires cleaning. It was also easy to pack in and take with me. I was looking for something that was convenient and this was it.
How to Clean the Haakaa 
Cleaning the Haakaa is extremely simple. All you have to do is boil it for 5 minutes. The great thing is that it’s just 1 item you cleaning, making cleaning effortless and easy.
Purchasing the Haakaa Pump would definitely be a benefit to any new mom. Personally it has been one of the most influential items that I have purchased and I would highly recommend it.
Definitely a must have for all new moms who are planning on breastfeeding.
Images: Courtesy of HeyKiwi.
Website:  http://heykiwi.co.za/
Love, Berry Babies!

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