White Hot Rubber Ducky

Got the White Hot Rubber Ducky in Azrah’s Munchkin bath box from Charleys Boxes and she just loves it!

How it works

Indicator when water is hot

All you have to do is just place it into the bath and check the bottom to see if the water is hot. If the water is hot the White-Hot technology warns you and all you would have to do is add cold water. This is a cool feature for all moms who are uncertain about the water temperature.


 The Rubber Duck is made from good quality material and seems more durable compared to other Rubber Ducks.

Would i recommend it?

I think it’s an awesome product as it serves as a toy and water temperature indicator. However, if you comfortable using your own method i don’t think its a necessity. 

An added benefit of this ducky is that Azrah gets to play with it while i wash her. She just loves splashing the water and trying to get the Rubber Duck. 

Love, Berry Babies!

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