Baby Rattle

On Friday Azrah had a physio appointment. The physio usually brings along some toys to see what would interest Azrah. This time she brought along a rattle which Azrah seemed to love. She played with it the entire session that we made sure we went and got her one.

Azrah is very fond of rattles and I’m usually afraid to give them to her as she tends to hit herself with them. What I loved about this rattle was that it has a soft layer on top so when she does hit herself she doesn’t get hurt. Because the layer on top is soft I don’t mind her taking it to her mouth and biting it.

It also has a soft ring at the bottom of the rattle which she can chew on.

Where can you get one?

The rattle is very affordable. They are available at the Crazy Store for R29.99 each.

Age Range

The age range is 6 months +

What does Azrah say?

Azrah loves it! She can easily grip it because it’s not too big and it keeps her entertained for like 15 -20 mins at a time. This is definitely her new favorite toy at the moment and a must have she would say! 

Love, Berry Babies. 

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