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So can i just say that i was dreading this part of being on maternity leave, the UIF struggle! As a first time mom, I had no idea what needed to be done and how to go about doing it.

I then googled UIF and managed to come across the UIF Hero site. I made sure i did a bit of research to check if they were a reputable service provider and indeed they were. 

For a fee of R750.00 you receive a digital print which can be used in babies nursery and the processing of your maternity claim. 

How does it work?

Once you have purchased the digital print you receive an e-mail regarding the processing of your UIF claim and what needs to be done. The e-mail contains all the forms that need to be completed as well as step by step instructions on how to complete them. What i loved about the service is that i could literally e-mail them for anything and they would respond to me immediately.

What their services include:

  • They Send you all the necessary maternity UIF forms from the Department of Labour for completion (including a guideline document on how to complete them correctly)
  • They Submit all the forms for you to the Department of Labour
  • They Follow up with the Department of Labour regarding your UIF maternity claim and keep you informed on the progress
  • They Resolve all queries regarding your UIF maternity benefits claim should they arise
  • They Answer all your questions 
  • They Submit your UI4 / Continuation of payment forms on a monthly basis to the Department of Labour until the completion of the UIF maternity claim

Would i recommend them to you?

Definitely! The service received was excellent. They kept me informed about everything without me having to follow up on anything. The entire process was made so much easier and wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be. The R750.00 which i paid was definitely worth it for the amazing service which i received. 

Some Advice

As a first time mom i would change the time that i applied and try and complete my forms a month or two before going on maternity leave. This would make the payment time quicker as it takes up to 35 working days to be approved.

Contact Details for UIF Hero: 

Address: 18 Lower Pypies Square, Vredehoek, 8001

Tel: 021 201 1390

Cell: 073 185 9575

E-mail: hello@uif-hero.co.za

Love, Berry Babies.

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