3in1 Silicone Dummy Clip

We purchased this cool personalized Silicone Dummy Clip / Chew Chain / Teether at the Mamamagic expo. Not only does it look super pretty but Azrah loves it. 

We weren’t sure if she would play with it or use it as a teether but since shes been wearing it, she has constantly been using it to bite on. 

We purchased ours from Jelebebe and could choose the beads and style we wanted. I unfortunately found out to late that i could’ve added an animal to the chain as well. 

Would i recommend it?

Yes! I would say that you would only need this one dummy clip. The material ones i have required washing every time Azrah spat on it. This means that i have to wait for it to dry before letting her wear it again. With the beaded dummy clip i can just rise and wipe it and let her wear it again. 

What does Azrah say?

Azrah loves her dummy clip. She bites on it all the time and loves playing with it in her hands and feeling the different bead textures. 

Love, Berry Babies 

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