Tommee Tippee – Dribble Bibs

I saw the feeding bibs online at Takealot and thought i would try them out.

How do they work?

The bibs are super-soft, comfortable and for sensitive skin. They come in packs of two and are reversible. What i love about them is that they absorb the milk easily especially around the neck area allowing baby to stay dry. 
An added bonus is that its very lengthy so it protects her clothes as well. It also has Velcro allowing you to remove and put it on easily.

Would i recommend them?

Only if your baby spits up or messes a lot. I use it at home and when we go out as it serves as a good protection layer when baby is feeding keeping her clean for longer.

What does Azrah say?

Azrah just loves messing when shes drinking her bottle. Not to mention spitting! She spits up so much. We literally go through like 5 bibs or more for the day. 

She likes that the texture is soft and she doesn’t mind wearing it at all. It actually works in her favor since she hates changing her clothes when they dirty.

Where can you get them?

I got mine online at Takealot for R139.00. 

Love, Berry Babies

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