Grotowel – Tommee Tippee

This has to be one of the softest towels I have ever come across for babies.

I have been gifted a few baby towels as well as purchased a few and the material was always abit hard. If it wasn’t the material that was to hard, it always had fluff coming off it. It was so terrible to use as you needed to wash it a few times to get rid of the fluffy pieces that were coming off.

I never thought of purchasing another towel but than saw the Grotowel on special and thought I would give it a try.

Would I recommend it?
Yes! It’s made of highly absorbent Puredry Microfiber, is hypoallergenic and is so soft on Azrah’s skin. It also dries super quick and is available in different themed characters. The towel even has a clever hood which helps to speed up the drying of hair.

I highly recommend this for all first time moms. Its just so soft and perfect for baby. If only i knew about it before i would have gotten Azrah the GroSwaddle for when she was born.

Product Dimensions:

130 x 60 cm

Age Range:

I’m currently using the 6 months + up to 48 months.  

What does Azrah say?

She loves her new towel. It wraps her up so easily and keeps her warm and snug.

Love, Berry Babies

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