What’s in Azrah’s Cooler Bag?

Azrah has reached 7 months and her diet has definitely changed. She now eats way more than before and I like to make sure that she is sorted throughout the day when I’m not around.

I introduced her to Similac formula at 5 months but merely as a top up incase my milk supply runs low. Lucky for me she had no issues with the change and took to the formula easily. 

I usually prepare her goodies the night before. So all that i need to do the morning is take her bottle and yogurt out of the fridge. This makes it much easier for me incase i forget to put anything in or there is a rush in the morning.

So what do I pack in Azrah’s cooler bag? 

Azrah’s Cooler Bag

Formula – I use a dispenser to put her formula in so that its easy to mix together. I labelled it making it easy for her caregivers so all they need to do is add hot water. Most days Azrah doesn’t even drink from the formula as my breastmilk is usually sufficient. 

Breastmilk – I pump about three times a day at work. At 8.30am, 12.00pm and 3:00pm. My average amount of milk expressed usually ranges  from a minimum of 180ml to a maximum of 300ml. Most days this is enough for Azrah for the day.

Her favourite teething toy – She loves playing with her toys so I make sure I pack in her favorite teething toy for playtime.

A Bottle – At the moment we using the pigeon bottles which Azrah just loves. She has taken to the pigeon bottles as the teat of the bottle is shaped very close to moms nipple.

Snacks – I make sure I put in some fruit for her and yogurt. She loves her fruit at the moment and just cannot seem to get enough. With her yogurt I usually add a tsp of chia seeds for some added omega’s and a fruit of choice for some flavor. So far Azrah has only had full cream yogurt. I haven’t yet introduced her to anything sweetened. 

Porridge – I currently feed her the Hipps organic cereal which she seems to love. I can officially say that I have had no problems with her tummy when I started her on the Hipps and I still haven’t had any issues.

Lunch – I used to make Azrah’s lunch but for some reason the woolies on-the-go babes seems to taste better than mommies food. So I’m currently packing this in for her. I made sure that I checked the ingredients and I’m very happy with it and feel comfortable feeding it to Azrah. At the moment I have only given her the ones with fruit, veg and quinoa.  

Her Haakaa Silicone Feeder – She just loves her Haakaa feeder. Her caregivers feed her snacks with it so I make sure to pack it in.

A Spoon – I’m currently using the silicone bamboo spoon which I got from Charleys boxes. Each of her caregivers have their own spoons which is the heat sensing tommee tippee ones that I also received from the Charleys weaning box.

 A Teething Biscuit – Azrah loves chewing everything in her hand so I make sure I pack her a teething biscuit in. She currently eats the Hey Baby one. I have only bought the apple and banana one but heard that the blueberry one is tastier.

What does Azrah say?

She loves everything in her cooler bag.  Everything in there gets used and eaten. Sometimes I pack extra in for her caregivers and she loves that it makes them happy. 

What does her day look like?

  • 6am She wakes up
  • 7am Sleeps till about 8.30am
  • 10am She has her breakfast
  • 10:30am She has about 150ml’s – 180ml’s of her bottle
  • 11am she has some of her snack
  • 11.30am She sleeps till 13.30
  • 13.45pm She has her Lunch
  • 14.30pm She has some more of her snack
  • 15.00pm She gets a bath
  • 15.30pm She drinks the remainder of her bottle
  • 16.00pm She naps for like 30 – 45 mins
  • 18.00pm She has her supper
  • 18:30pm She has a snack
  • 19.00pm She drinks on mommy and we begin our nighttime routine
  • 20.30pm Its bedtime.

She then feeds random times during the night. Lucky for me she has never yet woken up to play during the night. Every time she has it has been purely to feed.

Ps: This is just a summary of what a day for Azrah looks like. Its changes all the time.

Love, Berry Babies

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