Munchkin Bath Box 

As a new mom one of my goals has always been to make bath time as fun as possible for my little one. I always believed that the more they enjoy something the more they will love it! 

When i saw the bath box on Charley’s boxes i knew i had to get it. It had such a variety of toys and it took away the effort of me having to look around for toys. 

What’s inside the box?

 Each box consists of the following Items:

  • Bath Squirts
  • Star Fountain
  • Float & Play Bubbles
  • Shampoo Rinser
  • Bath Letters & Numbers
  • White Hot Safety Ducky

Review of the different products

Bath Squirts

The bath squirts come apart and are very easy to clean. What i love about them is they don’t collect any mold inside them and dry easily. Azrah loves playing with them as she squashes them and squirts the water out. The squirts are easy for her to grip and are perfect for little hands.

Star Fountain

I think this is her favorite toy out of the lot! She loves the light and seeing the water spray out. Initially i thought she wouldn’t like the water going into her face, but she actually loves it. It comes with an on and off switch which she can push herself. Azrah has definitely been having a ball of a time with the star fountain. she just loves watching it move around in the bath spraying water everywhere.  

Float & Play Bubbles

These float and play bubbles were the first of the products that i introduced to Azrah. Each bubble is unique. The ones we received was perfect for her little hands to hold and she loves it cause it rattles. They float perfectly on the water making them easy to find.

Shampoo Rinser  
This ones for mommy (well sort of), yeah! I’ve been using the shampoo rinser and couldn’t be more happier with it. It has an easy to grip handle and is nice and soft, molding perfectly to Azrah’s head making rinsing her hair a breeze.

Bath Letters & Numbers 

We haven’t used our bath letters and numbers yet. I have however opened it and i’m very happy with the quality. I can almost guarantee you that if i should put them in the bath Azrah will definitely chew them! 

White Hot Safety Ducky

This is a perfect newborn bath toy. It has heat sensing technology to indicate if the water is to warm for baby. 8 months later and i still use it to test the water temperature. This bath toy is always present during all Azrah’s baths and she just loves eating her ducky. The duck doesn’t come with any holes in it making it water tight and preventing any mold build up. 

Would i recommend this box?

Yes, this is perfect for any new mom. Azrah loves each and every one of her toys in the box and during bath time she plays with them all. I could not be happier with my purchase.

What does it cost?

They usually sell for R665.00 a box but Charley’s has a special at the moment and they are going for R500.00. Also if you price all these items individually you will find that the bath box is definitely a bargain! 

What you waiting for? Go get yours now!

Love, Berry Babies. 

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