Marcus and Marcus Insulated Lunch Bag

When I saw this adorable lunch bag I knew I just had to get one for Azrah. 
Firstly I love the Marcus and Marcus brand. Their products are amazing and durable. I got a few things from them from the sale they had in Christmas and will review those at a later stage. 

The Lunch Bag

The bag is insulated on the inside perfect for keeping your little ones lunch hot or cold. It comes in 5 different animals which you can choose from. The colors are vibrant and the quality is amazing. 

Although Azrah cant use her backpack yet, I have been using it. It has so much space with 2 compartments so I can fit a few things inside. It has an interior mesh pocket and an exterior zipper pocket. I pack her spoons and utensils on the inside and her snacks on the outside. The bag also has zipper tags making it easy to open and close. The straps are adjustable and perfect for a growing toddler.  

There is also a compartment on each side of the backpack where you can store the bottles. That’s what’s so amazing about this backpack, it’s so versatile!

Would I recommend buying it?

Yes! It’s super adorable and I know Azrah is going to love wearing it when she is abit older. I love that it has all these compartments and that its insulated.  
There are cheaper ones that you could possibly get if you wanted but I loved this one especially its functionality.  

Love, Berry Babies.

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