Newborn Baby Hospital Bag List

Not sure what to take along to hospital for babies arrival? I managed to put a list together of everything that i used for Azrah when she was born. 

When she was born she stayed an extra few days in hospital and luckily i never needed anything extra for her. The below list worked for me till the day we left the hospital. We did however receive an extra baby bag from the hospital as she was born at Mediclinic and they usually provide moms with a baby bag with some supplies in.

A fun way to save time and space is to collect samples from expos and seminars. The samples are often small and compact and the perfect amount required for while baby is in hospital. It makes your bag so much lighter and easier to manage.

Tip: What i did was pre-packed babies outfits into ziplock bags labeling it. It made it so much easier for me as i just took a pack out and it had everything in for me for baby to wear. 

Love, Berry Babies.

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