Childs Farm Moisturiser and Baby Wash

So i received some baby Moisturiser and Baby Wash from Freebees PR & Marketing to try out. I must admit i was very excited to try this brand out as i have been seeing so many posts about it over the last few weeks.

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The Moisturiser

Ok, so the moisturiser has got to be a win for me. The moisutriser is extremely gentle on babies skin and i love how easy it is to apply. It comes in a perfect pump form making application effortless.

It can be used from newborn and is vegan, pediatrician and dermatologist approved. These are the facts that any first time mom love to hear. The fact that its animal cruelty free is an even bigger bonus! 

I am currently using the moisturiser on myself and Azrah and it has done wonders in the short period that i have been using it. Our skin has become noticeably softer and gentle to the touch. 

The best part of this moisturiser is that you don’t have to keep rubbing for the moisturiser to penetrate the skin. Most moisturisers and cream take a few rubs before it disappears making the application process longer. 

The Baby Wash

The baby wash i received is unfragranced and has no fragrance at all, making it extremely gentle on babies skin. I do however wish that it also came in a pump form so that it would be easier to apply onto baby.

What i like about the wash is that you could use it from newborn and i remember as a first time mom i wasn’t sure on what to use for my newborn baby. Luckily Azrah’s skin is not extremely sensitive and i love babies who smell nice so i would try the fragranced baby wash next time. 

Main Factors for Choosing Childs Farm over other Brands

  • Dermatologist and Pediatrician Approved
  • For Sensitive Skin
  • Can be used from Newborn
  • Gentle on Babies skin
  • Animal Cruelty Free
  • Safe for people with Eczema

Love, Berry Babies 

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