Toy Toggle – Review

Can i just say that i never knew that being a new mom meant picking up so many things after your little one. Azrah literally throws everything onto the floor. This crazy mom just has to keep picking it up and when i give it back to her, you all know what happens next, it gets thrown onto the floor again. The life of a mom!

More about the Toy Toggle

The toy toggle consists of 3 straps and 1 silicone bottle holder. It has one long strap and the other two are shorter so that you are able to attach more items.

Each strap consists of press studs which allows you to clip them onto each other. It can be used as a dummy clip, on your little one’s high chair, on the pram, your bag, anywhere you can think of!

You can only believe how happy I was when I discovered the toy toggle. It has literally been a lifesaver and has saved me so much time. I don’t have to worry about picking things up every 5 seconds!

Would I recommend this product to you?

Yes! This product is perfect for any mom who is tired of picking up every time their little one throws something onto the floor. It also saves you time from having to sterilize everything when it does fall onto the floor. 

I am completely obsessed with my toy toggle and I have like 3 sets which i use everywhere! This product has definitely been a lifesaver especially when taking baby for walks. It saves me for having to take the items from her cause she usually throws them onto the floor from her pram. 

What does Azrah say?

She’s not very happy about the toy toggle. She liked seeing her mom work and having to run to pick up her things up when she throws them.

What does is cost?

The toy toggle ranges from R99 – R115 each and comes in various colour options. You can purchase them directly from toy toggle by visiting:

Love, Berry Babies

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