If there’s one thing I struggle with it’s trying to figure out what to give Azrah to snack on. She’s a really picky eater and has her on and off days. Some days she eats like a crazy person and most days she barely wants to eat. 

I think she is one of the reasons I love experimenting in the kitchen. It gives me time to try and figure out what I can make her and what she will eat.

I know how hard it is to try and figure out what to give our little ones and most times we run out of ideas. This is why I put together a little list for those mom’s who are struggling and not sure what snacks to give their little ones.  

I even added a column on the sides called extra’s for anything else that you might want to add!
Hope this helps you on those days when you are just not sure what to give you little ones.

Download Below: