Unboxing Charleys Subscription Box

Last month I decided to subscribe to Charleys Boxes. I managed  to sign up for the 6 month subscription to check it out.  There are 3 subscription plans which they offer. 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, the longer you subscribe for, the more discount is offered.  Another bonus is you get free delivery!

The boxes range from newborn up to 18 months, Each box is handpicked and suited to fit the categories selected when subscribing.  Categories selected include babys age and gender(this is optional).   Boxes are packed in an easy to open box.

I subscribed for the newborn box.  Boxes arrive from the 25th of each month. The best part of getting the box is not knowing what’s inside and opening it up.  For the first month I received an adorable cotton on onesie, dove baby wash, dove nappy cream, a tommee tippee pacifier, a book with little stories for girls and cheeky baby cards .

The great thing about this is that I would have never gotten any of these things  if I had to go to the shop. Having someone handpick this  for me makes it so much easier. Am I excited for my next box? Ofcourse!

For more info visit: https://charleysboxes.com

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