Our Journey to Starting Solids

Many of you have been asking when I started Azrah on solids. To answer this question we need to keep in mind that each baby is different.

I decided to start her on solids at the 4 month mark with the pediatricians consent. The reason for this was due to the fact that I would be starting work the next month and I wanted to be the one to introduce her to solids so that I could monitor her.

I introduced her to only veggies giving her a new one every 3 days to eliminate any possible allergies. We started off with carrots giving her a teaspoon and she took to it immediately wanting more. I then knew that she was ready. If she had refused I would have waited another 3 days before trying again.

We then started giving her baby marrows, sweet potato, peas and butternut. Once she showed no reaction to them we then mixed them up. The peas are her favorite!

I fed her as per normal so nothing changed with her feeding. Breastmilk was still the main source of food for her and the veggies was more of a snack.

When feeding her the veggies I would place some into her hands and our feeds were always very messy. The main reason for this was to stimulate her sensors and prevent her from becoming sensitive to different textures as well as to allow her to self-feed one day!

She is nearly 5 months and we have now introduced her to rice cereal and baby porridge as we could pick up she was a hungry baby. With the introduction we have noticed an increase in her nap time especially after she’s had her cereal.

We will also be introducing her to fruit this month and I can only imagine how she is going to love it!

Some cues to lookout for in determining if baby is ready for solids. 

  • Watches you take food to your mouth
  • Reached for your hand while you are eating
  • Grasps the food from your plate while you are eating
  • Opens his/her mouth when you open yours
  • Holds and handles your food
  • Takes your food from your hand and moves it towards his/her mouth
  • Can sit up on his/her own

(Reference: Weaning Sense By Meg Faure and Kath Megaw)

PS: I will be adding some of the recipes which i used up on the blog under recipes, babies.

Goodluck to all the moms who will be introducing their babies to solids. It’s not only a huge milestone but an extremely exciting time for mom and baby. Please leave a comment below telling us when you introduced your baby to solids.

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