Tommee Tippee Magic Mat

The magic mat is basically a mat that holds bowls and plates keeping them firmly in position. It helps moms by making feeding time hassle and mess free.  

Does it work? 

I tried the mat out with normal Tupperware and the Tommee Tippee plate and it worked perfectly. It works very well with the Tommee Tippee bowls and plates but not so well with other brands. The middle of the mat has a suction cup which holds the bowl/plate preventing them from falling over making meal times less messy.  If you are going to purchase the mat make sure you get the bowls and plates form Tommee Tippee or play around with the Tupperware in your household to see what works. 

Whats does it cost?

I Received the magic mat in one of Azrah’s subscription boxes so not sure what it costs. I’m sure the price will be available online or via Tommee Tippee.

Would i Recommend it?

Yes! I think it actually makes more sense to have one item that would be able to hold the plates and bowls down instead of purchasing a load of different ones with suction bases.

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