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Having a new baby at home can be very daunting especially if you a first time mom! I remember stressing myself out because i never had any medical supplies at hand if an accident should occur. I mean what do you get and how much of it do you need to get? There were just too many questions that i was asking myself.

Eventually i looked around and came across Dr Carmen’s Instagram’s page. Firstly can i just say that she is amazing! Being a Doctor and still being able to respond to anything that you ask her, she truly is an amazing person!  

Dr Carmen is the founder of OneAid and has an awesome Instagram page where she shares her journey as a Mom & Doctor as well as offering tips and advice. She managed to put together two amazing First Aid kits. The Kit and the Minikit. I purchased both of these. The Kit we keep at home and the Minikit travels with us everywhere. 

Whats inside?

The Minikit – The Minikit travels with me everywhere. Its small enough to fit into your nappy bag and has the basic essentials required should a common injury occur.


The MiniKit
  • (2) Pairs of gloves (latex-free)
  • (1) Hand disinfectant
  • (2) First aid dressing
  • (1) Conforming bandage
  • (1) Triangular bandage
  • (1) Sterile gauze
  • (1) Sterile dressing pad
  • (12) Assorted plasters
  • (1) Burn gel
  • (1) Burn dressing
  • (4) Cotton buds
  • (1) Antiseptic solution
  • (2) Antiseptic cream
  • (1) First aid scissors
  • (1) Metal tweezers
  • (1) Adhesive tape
  • (1) Thermometer strip
  • (1) Syringe (5ml)
  • (3) Reward stickers
  • (1) Basic First Aid Pocket Guide (The First Aid Pocket Guide is downloadable for free with each MiniKit purchase).

The Kit – The kit is the bigger version holding more supplies. I keep this one at home as its much bigger than the MiniKit.


  • (4) Pairs of gloves (latex-free)
  • (1) Hand disinfectant
  • (4) First aid dressing
  • (3) Conforming bandage
  • (1) Crepe bandage
  • (1) Triangular bandage
  • (6) Sterile gauze
  • (2) Sterile dressing pad
  • (2) Island dressing
  • (2) Sterile eye dressing
  • (1) Box of plasters (30’s)
  • (1) First aid scissors
  • (1) Metal tweezers
  • (1) Burn gel
  • (1) Burn dressing
  • (4) Sting relief pads
  • (100) Cotton buds
  • (6) Safety pins
  • (1) Antiseptic cream
  • (1) Antiseptic solution
  • (1) Adhesive tape
  • (1) Digital thermometer
  • (1) Syringe (5ml)
  • (1) Rehidrat sachet
  • (1) Saline solution
  • (1) Medicine spoon
  • (1) Wooden splint
  • (1) Cold pack
  • (1) CPR mouth piece
  • (5) Reward stickers
  • (1) Emergency numbers fridge magnet 

Would i recommend this?

Without a doubt! As a new mom i think this is a definite must have. I feel so prepared for any accident that should happen. The kit comes with a book and App which tells you what to do in the most common childhood injuries. This makes every new mom feel a little bit more prepared should an injury occur.

What do they cost?

  • TheKit Costs: R645 each
  • The MiniKit Costs: R345 each

What does Azrah say?

She loves that her mom is so prepared!

Love, Berry Babies. 

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