Smart Toy Club Review

Last month Azrah was lucky enough to be gifted a subscription free month from the Smart Toy Club. I put together a review below on the service received as well as the toys.

The Subscription Process

The toys are suitable for babies 6 months – 5 years old. Each bag consists of an average of 5 – 6 toys. The toys being selected by the members of the Smart Toy Club after you have completed a form filling in your babies/child’s current interests. All the toys are sanitized and come with batteries. There are 4 different choices for subscriptions:

  • Month to Month R399
  • 6 months R375
  • 12 months R349
  • 24 months R299 (The longer the subscription the cheaper the deal)

The Toys

Azrah received 6 toys in total. The toys that were sent matched the questionnaire which I completed. There was a a book, musical toys, a wooden toy, a teething toy and a bath toy. The value of toys retailed to over R1000.

The Benefits

The benefits of having a subscription means that you wont have any toy clutter at home. All the toys get returned and recycled for other kids to use. Every month there is a different bag of toys making it exciting for the little ones to open up. The concept is amazing and completely healthy for our environment.

Did I continue my subscription?

Unfortunately I did not continue with the subscription. I love the fact of Azrah having her own toys. She has also been given so many from our family and friends and has all of her cousins toys which we recycle within the family.

Did Azrah like the toys?

Azrah loved all the toys that she received. She is a very inquisitive baby and loves new things so when she does get a new toy she would play with it continuously.

Would i recommend using this service?

If you don’t want toy clutter this is perfect for you. All the toys get to be returned and you get new ones so there will never be unnecessary clutter around your household. If you do have an issue with your baby using second hand toys then i would not recommend this for you.

Fun Fact

Smart Toy Club also buys all of your unwanted toys at half the retail value. The team is extremely friendly so give them a call if you wanting to get rid of some of your old toys.

Love, Berry Babies

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