Grippo 2-in-1 Placemat and Plate

I purchased this awesome Grippo placemat from a company called Hipporo. I just loved the innovation behind the product and its amazing function. Imagine a placemat that sticks to the surface, meaning no more plates flying all over the place and less mess. 

How does it work? 

The Grippo mats suctions itself to most clean flat surfaces. This makes meal time so much easier. You just place it down in front of baby making sure it sticks and done! Easy as pie.

Cleaning the placemat

I love that it’s easy to clean and i can just pop it into the dishwasher. Most of the plates and Tupperware we buy stains and absorb odours. Not the Grippo! 

Would i recommend it? 

Yes! I tried it out with Azrah last night to see if it actually works, and it does. I put some mango pieces inside her placemat and she was having so much fun squashing it in her place. The mess she made stayed on the placemat and when she tried to pick it up she couldn’t.  Finally a mess free supper!

The mat is also microwave safe, meaning you can warm babies food in the placemat itself. It also has two sections where you can put different foods in making mealtime fun for your little one. The mat also comes with a cool ziplock bag for on the go use as well. 

What does Azrah say?

She loves her mat and at one stage she was actually biting it turning it into a teething toy!

Love, Berry Babies. 

2 thoughts on “Grippo 2-in-1 Placemat and Plate

  1. Angela says:

    Thanks so much for your lovely review Aminah! I designed the Grippo with the rounded base plate, specifically for my son when he was teething so he could keep himself busy while I had time to plate his food 😂. So glad you love your Grippo as much as we do and that it’s doubling as relief for her sore gums, xoxo

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