Parent Sense App Review

Being a new mom can be very scary. I remember having so many questions and concerns when it came to baby and not knowing what to do. Fortunately, there are so many helpful materials out there for first-time moms to help them through the early stages of parenthood. 

However, If it wasn’t for the internet, it was Meg Faure’s books that kept me going. One of my favorites was the Weaning Sense. This was my go-to when I started weaning baby onto solids. 

About the App

The Parent Sense App was launched to help all moms to keep track of baby’s activities for the day. It sends you notifications and reminders and adjusts to baby’s progress, remember all babies are different.

There are 4 main screens which are constantly monitored. These include Sleep, Feed, Health and Play. Below this, you have a guideline of what babies routine should look like for the day. 


Here you are able to track baby’s sleep for the day. This helps you monitor if the baby has been sleeping enough hours for the day or if you need to adjust the current sleep time. I was never sure how long baby should be sleeping for so this was very handy to keep track of the sleep schedule. 


So how much is a baby supposed to eat and what and when should you feed the baby?  Under the feed category, you get weekly feeding tips as well as a summary of how many meals baby should be getting and what you should be feeding them. Another very handy tool for any first-time moms to have. 


The health category allows you to track babies weight and tells you when baby needs to get vaccinated. There are also weekly health tips that appear here.   


The play section enables you to record all baby’s milestones and tells you what you could expect to happen next. Here you are able to tick the milestones off as they happen and monitor baby’s progress.

*The app basically has everything you need in one place. No more having to Google information or having to run to get a book.

Would I recommend the app?

I would highly recommend this app to any first-time mom. I wish that it launched sooner so that I could have used it longer. There are so many tips and advice that I could have used to help make being a first-time mom so much easier.

What I love the most about this app is the fact that It takes the stress of worrying about things away and allows you to focus more on baby and enjoy the Parenting journey.  

The app is available for download from Google Play and The App Store.

Love, Berry Babies.

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