Pips and Moo Connector Blocks

Last week Azrah received a special gift from Pips and Moo. She got some wooden connector blocks which we are completely in love with. It came in a beautiful string bag with a handwritten note.

For those of you who have been following me and my journey, you would know that i am a sucker for wooden toys.

Below i put together a review for all those mom’s who are interested in getting their kids some of these connector blocks.

About Pips and Moo

Pips and Moo is a local family based business situated in the Eastern Cape. Inspired by their two daughters, they have created a range of affordable wooden toys, decor and furniture. All the designing, manufacturing, painting etc is done by them with their daughters as the product testers.

The Connector Blocks

The connector blocks are 6.9cm x 6.9cm x 6.9cm in dimension, and consists of 10 wooden blocks which come with 15 wooden connector sticks. Each block has holes in them allowing you to connect them with the connector sticks.They come in various colours as well as a mixed combination. 

Ps: If you are just wanting wooden blocks, they also have this option available.

What are the benefits of Wooden Blocks?

Wooden blocks help in adding to babies development, allowing them to explore and triggers their imagination. Along with these wonderful attributes, they are environmentally friendly and durable.

I know that Azrah loves throwing things and i feel like this is so much safer for her as it won’t break or hurt her.

Introducing blocks to baby at an early stage also helps to increase babies fine motor skills. It helps by teaching them to grip, throw, balance as well as to stimulate brain function. This in turn helps to make future tasks easier to carry out. The blocks can also be used to teach baby colours, enhance their maths skills and of course to have loads of fun!

Why would i Recommend the Connector Blocks?

I love that the connector blocks enables you to play with the blocks as well as allowing you the benefit of connecting them. This just gives baby the added benefit of creating more imagination play.

The blocks are also durable, safe and of course environmentally friendly! 

What does Azrah say?

She is loving her new blocks. Her favourite activity at the moment is stacking the blocks and breaking it down. This in turn is teaching her about cause and effect. Our next activity we will be doing will be to identify the various colours and to teach her to place the connector sticks into the blocks. 

What is the price and where can you purchase them?

The connector blocks are currently selling for R340.00 for the set. You can purchase them online by visiting: https://www.pipsandmoo.co.za/

Tip: Don’t let you baby play unsupervised with the connector sticks as they tend to put it into their mouths. The blocks are perfectly fine for them to play with alone.

Love, Berry Babies

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