Wooden Kitchen Review

Azrah received a stunning wooden kitchen as a gift from her aunty. Initially i thought that she wouldn’t be interested in it, but she loves it. It has even turned into a lifesaver for me. She just loves playing with it and it keeps her entertained giving me enough time to get some things done.

More about the kitchen

The entire kitchen including accessories are all made of wood. The glass like section is made out of plastic. It comes in several parts and does require assembling. The instructions are however very clear and it took about 10 – 15 mins to assemble it. 

The kitchen came with a few accessories which included:

*4 Utensils – The utensils have a section for hanging them up. 

*Salt and Pepper shakers – The salt and pepper shakers go onto a shelf and they actually make a sound when you shake them, I never knew this until i heard Azrah playing with them.

*5 Different Veggies with a plastic basin – The veggies are come in 2 halves and can come apart. They attach and detach with velcro.  It has a plastic basin to place the veggies into. The basin can detach from the kitchen as well.

*A pot with a lid and a pan.

*The kitchen also has 2 cupboard doors for you to place things inside. Azrah often puts some of her other toys in here. I am eventually hoping to increase her veggie and food collection so that she can store them into her cupboards. 

Some cool extra’s

Underneath the pot and pan you have 2 painted stove tops.

The basin has knobs which are blue and red representing the hot and cold water.

Below the basin and stove tops you have the knobs for setting the oven temperature. These are sturdy and make a click sound when you turn them.

Overall the quality of the kitchen is amazing, Azrah has banged this cupboard so many times and thrown the utensils onto the floor, yet nothing has broken. I would definitely recommend getting one of these for your little one. 

The only issue I really had with the kitchen was the cupboard doors. They are very pointy and often when pulling them to fast Azrah knocks her face. I’m sure this wouldn’t happen if she was a bit older as the doors are currently in face reach when she sits down.

What Does Azrah Say?

Azrah is obsessed with her kitchen. It’s literally the first thing she plays with when she comes home. She loves just standing against it, slamming the doors, pulling the vegetables apart and packing things into the cupboard shelves. 

Where can you purchase it?

You can purchase the wooden kitchen from @thelittlewoodenhouse_ and the price is R1499.00 each.

Love, Berry Babies 

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